Vertical pipes of ø 76 mm shall be mounted on the sides of the field with an interval of 3 meters. The height of the assembled pipes will be 4 meters. ø 76 mm pipes will be connected with the help of ø 60 pipes from 3 points: bottom, middle and top. Welds will be made without burrs and smoothly, the iron pipes will be cut and boiled without cutting the worm mouth. 3.50 mm PVC coated wire mesh with 50×50 mm mesh spacing will be mounted on the formed crow. Ties will be made with the help of tie wires on tension wires and crowns drawn in order to prevent sagging of wire fences. . The metal parts in the system are painted with electrostatic oven paint.


Asphalt or concrete floor is cleaned, oil, dirt, rust, etc. primer is applied after purification of substances. With the help of a rubber rim squeegee, the ground corrective layer is applied on the primed ground, depending on the ground conditions, with a consumption of 0.5-1.5 kg / m2. A pillow layer of 0.7 kg / m2 consumption is applied on this layer, in which 0.5-1.5 mm granules are mixed with a special acrylic binder. A second pillow layer with a consumption of 0.6 kg / m2 is applied on the pillow floor, in which 0,0-0,5 mm granules are mixed with a special acrylic binder. After this application, an intermediate layer is applied and 0.4-0.6 kg / m2 material is used on this floor according to the ground condition. Topcoat application is applied to the ground in two coats with a consumption of 0.5 kg / m2. While applying the coat, clean sand and silica sand will be mixed in the material to be applied in certain proportions. After the coat applications are finished, game lines will be drawn with the help of special line paints.