PRO -CLAY ” SOIL Court Construction Stages: In ITF (International Tennis Federation) Norms

  1. Field perimeter: 108 meters long: 25 x 30 cm inside, will be equipped with 4 pieces of 12 iron and 30 cm spacing stirrup.
  2. 20 cm strainer layer: To be filled with 130 cubic meters of 7/15 gravel.
  3. Drainage system: 150 meters long 100 mm drainage pipe will be placed on the site appropriately. Grille on the upper floor (4 per field press to ensure excessive rain sinks)
  4. Irrigation system: Automatic irrigation system with 4 heads will be applied with 100 meters 50 mm 10 bar pressure resistant pipe.
  5. Dynamic carrier layer: It will be filled with 4 tons of 30 tons pumice.
  6. Tile layer: 4 cm thick (55 TON) 0/1 mixture tile semolina will be laid and compacted with gauge. (Including shipping)
  7. Mesh pole: 1 Double stretching adjustable mesh pole will be made. (Galvanized)
  8. Plastic line: German Universal brand perforated line will be installed.
  9. Cylinder: 1 piece of double-piece water-weighted 90×40 cylinder will be made.
  10. 2 pieces of field correction net will be made.
  11. 1 1st class net net will be installed
  12. Workmanship: (6 persons x10 Days and consultancy)