PRO HARD KORT CONSTRUCTION STAGES: In ITF (International Tennis Federation) Norms

  1. Each court should be provided with independent water slope with 7/1000 slope, fresh water flow should be provided in rainy days.
  2. Professional 8 layers should be applied completely and without errors.
  3. The Acrylic mixture, which will adjust the speed of the ball, must be adjusted very well and applied in ITF standard (such as the difference between the slick fast surface like marble and the rough surface.
  4. It should definitely be applied on the asphalt surface, the reason is that grounds such as concrete cause scratches due to temperature difference and deterioration of the site.
  5. Pouring asphalt by hand and not leveling with Finisher is a detail first, but it eliminates floor differences and splitting.
  6. The asphalt is rested for 10-13 days and then the process is applied, which ensures that the coatings remain healthy.
  7. Good application of the Cusion layer relieves fatigue, especially in the adult tennis game.
  8. Led should be used in lighting.
Hard Court
Hard Court
Hard Court