General Information

It has become one of the most important tourism centers of Europe due to the fact that it has one of the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean and tourist attractions.

Visitors to the country also prefer the shores of the Adriatic Sea.

Capital; It is Zagreb, which is very culturally developed with its street artists, theaters and concerts.

The vast majority of the population speaks Croatian, the official language.

The currency is Kuna.

Turkey is in the local time clock back 1 hour.

Croatia is among the countries that require a visa, you must have applied for a visa and have received a visa to Croatia before you left.

Location / Location

It is located in Europe. It is neighbor to Slovenia in the north, Hungary in the northeast, Serbia in the east and Bosnia and Herzegovina in the southeast.

Most Visited Cities

Zagreb, Split, Dubrovnik, Hvar

Climate / Weather

The Mediterranean dominates the Istria Peninsula and the Dalmatian coast. In these regions, summers are hot and dry, winters are warm and rainy. A harsher climate is observed in the interior and mountainous regions.

When to Go

The best time to travel to the country is between May and October.

Country Cuisine / What to Eat and Drink

Two climates in the country have shaped food culture. While fish and vegetables are common in places where the Mediterranean climate is seen, meat dishes are consumed more in places where the land climate is dominant. Croatian olive oil is also world famous